OMotion ETR orange front


OMotion ETR is a fully electrical three-wheeled motorcycle packed with features and more of them coming. Our engineering team, based in Sweden, has developed a brand new and unique control system to ensure optimized performance and the best driving experience. Each vehicle part has been hand-picked based on quality and design to make sure you both look and feel good.

  • Fast & Silent

    Electrified, slim and fast with OMotion ETR

  • Top speed

    Top speed at 110 km/h

  • Range

    100 km range before charging is needed

  • Battery

    The battery is a Lithium NMC battery with 72V and 8.6 kWh capacity.

  • Drivers license

    Drive it with both A and B drivers license

  • EEC certificate

    Drive it on any European roads

  • Charging

    Use Mennekes (CCS) type 2 contact


Omotion ETR hub motor

The motor is a hub motor in the rear wheel which delivers 22 kW peak and 8 kW continuous power


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