OMotion ETR orange front


OMOTION 2 is a light electric vehicle packed with features and more of them coming. It is designed bottom-up to be a quality recreational and short commuting vehicle.

It is extremely easy to learn how to drive the OMotion. Put the gear knob in "D", step on the gas pedal and off you go!

For the technically interested, there are lots of settings that you can adjust, both mechanical and in the control system.
- suspension stiffness
- caster, camber, toe-in
- acceleration curves for different driving modes
- regen braking curves for different driving modes
- vehicle parameters can be saved and analyzed

Whether you want to enjoy a carefree ride, or if you want to dig into the details of electric vehicles, the OMOTION 2 will be the right choice.

  • Fast & Silent

    Electrified, slim and fast with OMOTION 2

  • Top speed

    Top speed at 110 km/h

  • Range

    140 km range before charging is needed (driving cycle EU 134/2014)

  • Battery

    The battery is a Lithium NMC battery with 72V and 11.2 kWh capacity.

  • Drivers license

    Drive it with A1, A or B drivers license

  • Charging

    Use Mennekes (CCS) type 2 contact


    OMOTION 2 can be driven on any European road (certification ongoing, to be finished in spring 2021)


Omotion ETR hub motor

The motor is a hub motor in the rear wheel which delivers 24 kW peak and 11 kW continuous power



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