OMotion ETR in the newspapers

News about Omotion ETR

2019-06-25. Several Swedish newspapers have published articles about the Omotion ETR. Dagens Industri, Dagens ETC and Aftonbladet to name a few. To read the article in Aftonbladet, please follow this link.

EEC type approval ready

OMotion logo

2019-05-28. Today OMotion has received the EEC type approval certificate for the OMotion ETR. Now we are ready to launch the vehicle in Europe. And to celebrate this major achievement for our company!

Preparations for EEC type approval

EEC approval

2018-10-30. Preparations for the EEC type approval tests are in full swing. We have among other things made a new version of the ECU to meet all the requirements of the EEC type approval.

Improvements to brakes and suspension

2018-09-12. The brakes and suspension have been upgraded from the original prototype. This gives a much better driving experience, and the brakes can now handle the higher top speed compared to the original prototype.

Visit at the battery factory

2018-08-02. We visited the factory that will produce the batteries for OMotion ETR. The batteries are built in a fully automated production line using 18650 lithium NMC cells.

First version of our ECU is ready

2018-06-23. We have developed our own ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The ECU controls all electronic components in the vehicle. It also has a bluetooth chip for connection with a Smartphone. In our app we display lots of vehicle data such as speed, current, battery status and, for the technically interested, the CAN Bus real time data.

OMotion ETR now has a hub motor

2018-04-15. Several improvements have been made to the original prototype. The most important one is that we have changed to use a hub motor in the back wheel. This makes driving almost completely silent and reduces losses.

Contract signed for production

contract signed

2018-02-13. We have now signed a contract with a chinese manufacturer for the production of OMotion ETR. Production is planned to be ready in the beginning of 2019.

ETR ready for test drive!

2017-11-21. Today OMotion ETR has taken its virgin tour on the Skåne country side. Everything went well.