OMOTION 2 is a light electric vehicle packed with features and more of them coming. It is designed bottom-up to be a quality recreational and short commuting vehicle.

It is extremely easy to learn how to drive the OMotion. Put the gear knob in "D", step on the gas pedal and off you go!

OMOTION 2 was released in August 2021. The OMOTION 2 will have the same look and feel its predecessor OMotion ETR, but with a lot of improvements.

The main new features are:

  • An 11 kWh battery which provides a range of 150 km.
  • A new frame with modified measures to make the trike accessible for taller people. The frame is also wider at the seats.
  • Improved front wheel suspension.
  • New controls. The indicator, head lights and horn controls are placed on the steering wheel.
    The light, hazard, ON/OFF, gear and mode controls are placed on a panel to the right of the steering wheel.
  • 6.6 kW charger as an option. This will give a charging time of 90 minutes to 90% charging.
  • ABS brakes

For the technically interested, there are lots of settings that you can adjust, both mechanical and in the control system.
- suspension stiffness
- caster, camber, toe-in
- acceleration curves for different driving modes
- regen braking curves for different driving modes
- vehicle parameters can be saved and analyzed

Whether you want to enjoy a carefree ride, or if you want to dig into the details of electric vehicles, the OMOTION 2 will be the right choice.

You can order OMOTION 2 here.


OMOTION 2 is manufactured in our facility outside of Lund, Sweden. This means that we can ensure high quality, faster delivery time and flexible customer customization.